Pioneer of Supply

MIAM Armaturen Germany

Atra Oxin Karun is proud to be the exclusive representative of MIAM Armaturen in Iran with more than 180 years of history in the field of manufacturing valves (Gate, Globe, Ball, Plug, Check, Butterfly, Strainer). The company in the field of production of industrial valves required in oil, gas, petrochemical, power plants and mines, in accordance with various standards in the industry such as ASTM, API, ISO, BS, ASME, ANSI with full technical support and Creating competitive conditions, facilitating the process of supplying the goods required by respectable employers.

Kaval Valve Canada Company

The company is ready to provide services and goods needed by esteemed employers, including a variety of valves, in the form of a cooperation agreement with Kaval valve Canada.

Ningbo Kaxite Sealing Materials China

The company manufactures mechanical items and seals such as gaskets, tapes, as well as graphite and asbestos materials. The company has been able to receive European (CE) approval and export its products to European countries due to environmental issues. Atra Oxin Company has been able to obtain a very good reputation in petrochemical companies due to its technical support and high quality and timely delivery of the manufacturer’s products.

China Jiangsu Sunkoo Machine Tech Company

Manufacturer of various sections of PTFE material in the form of rods, sheets, pipes, hoses, washers and belts and extruders.

Kintec Industrial Technologies South Korea


Manufacturer of compressor items and spare parts.