Pioneer of Supply

  • Company Name: Atra Oxin Karun
  • Place of registration: Tehran
  • Registration number: 491156
  • National ID Code: 14005809905
  • Economic Code: 411499856549
  • Registration code in Vendor of National Oil Company: 35651
  • CEO Name: Behnam Kiamarzi

Atra Oxin Karun Company

The company, with its experienced human capital, is active in the field of oil, gas and petrochemical equipment supply chains.

Atra Oxin Karun Company has started its activities with the aim of supplying goods and equipment required by the parent industries such as oil, gas, petrochemical, power plant steel, and relying on extensive international trade relations and recognizing the needs of different industries in the country, it is ready to provide the required services to esteemed employers.

This company, with its experienced technical and commercial staff, as well as proper connections with reputable foreign and domestic manufacturers, announces its eagerness to carry out various supply projects.

In the commercial sector, it is possible to supply all goods by relying on the company’s experienced experts and offices in different countries.

In the technical department, the experts ensure the correctness of the work process and the request of the esteemed employers by thoroughly and confidently reviewing the received and sent technical documents, and have complete supervision over this process in all stages from purchase to delivery.

Since its establishment, Atra Oxin Karun Company has successfully completed hundreds of projects and cooperates with public and private companies including the National Iranian Oil Company, Iranian Central Oil Fields Company, National Iranian Drilling Company, National Iranian South Oil Company and Marunn, Arvand, and Mobin Petrochemical Company.

Choosing Atra Oxin Company as a supply consultant, the customers can be assured of quality, reasonable price and the highest level of service in the sales and after-sales process.

Supply of various equipment including process equipment (pumps, compressors, turbines, etc.), piping items (all kinds of manual and automatic valves, flanges, fittings, pipes and other related goods), all kinds of alloy sections and all kinds of precision instruments used in oil and gas industries, petrochemical and Energy from reliable Asian, European and American manufacturers and providing solutions and technical and consulting services to customers in Iran and the Middle East, focuses on constant improvement, high business standards and ethics and leads to increasing customer value.

Board of Directors


Mohamadreza Kiamarzi

Member of the Board

Behnam Kiamarzi


Shahin Golzar

Chairman of the Board



Tania Zarin Jam

Member of the Board & Commercial Manager